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Can you guess this Chelsea player just by his nose?

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Alex Morton/Getty Images

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?

It's at least a nose.

We're assured that it's attached to Chelsea player.  Though the way Guus Hiddink is looking at him (him?), it could be some sort of impostor or spy.  I wish there was a better word I could use here.  Ooh, I know.  A fraud!

No, that's really not a better word.

So, apparently it was a very cold morning on Tuesday -- it dipped several degrees below freezing overnight according to the weather reports -- as Chelsea players took to training at Cobham.  Almost everybody was in long pants (or shorts with long thermals underneath), most had gloves, many had snoods, too.  Some even opted for a jacket over the multiple layers up top.  Where have all the proper hard players gone?!

But this guy, I think this guy takes the cake.  Not that he could it eat it right at that moment.  I'm not even sure he could see out of there!

Can you guess who he is?