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Kurt Zouma is walking again!

Chelsea-land is slightly abuzz with PSG's latest social media antics, but here's more social media short video of a far more happy and exciting nature.  Kurt Zouma is walking again!  And doing some sort of ... dance?  I have no idea.  Whatever it is, it looks like a great time in the recovery pool.

So Happy To start walking again... Step by step ✌ ️#CFCfamily#Dab#jumpman#hamdulilah

A video posted by Kurt Zouma (@kurtzouma) on

Oh wait, he's dabbing, isn't he?  Well, whatever works.  As long as it speeds along his recovery.  Kids these days.  Swag.

In any case, Zouma is obviously not expected to be back healthy and playing until sometime next season.  The typical recovery from ACL surgery is a minimum of six-to-nine months, but it could be up to two years even before a player recovers (most of) his previous abilities, movement, strength, agility.  Sure, there have been some high-profile success stories of players making amazing comebacks from such a devastating injury (the NFL's Adrian Peterson and Rob Gronkowski are the most obvious ones), but we should probably temper our expectations.

Hopefully Zouma does make a full recovery, of course.  Looks like he's off to a good start.

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