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PSG posts Vine calling Diego Costa a fraud

Social media a very fickle beast. If used properly by a football club it can be very useful in interacting with their supporters and growing their brand. However, the power that the one person (likely an intern of some sort) who runs the social media accounts for the team is immense. With one push of a button they can bring massive amounts of praise or ridicule to the club.

Ahead of the club's Champions League second leg with Chelsea, they've leaned towards the latter with this classless Vine aimed at Blues striker Diego Costa. They've in no uncertain terms, called him a fraud. This is something you'd expect to see from an unruly fan on twitter, not from an official account of a football club.

You have found the hero? OK, now find the imposter! - via Google Translate

It's probably a mistake by the account using "fraud" in the vine. They are likely just trying to cast Costa as the villain ahead of the big match. But it's still a vine in poor taste that they've used and they should have shown better judgement.

Does Diego Costa get under people's skin? Obviously. That's what makes him so good at his job (and his amazing skills, of course). This attempt at humor or at indulging their own fans with this rude vine is uncalled for. They are setting themselves up for trouble come Wednesday night.

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