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Still no resolution between Chelsea and Dr. Eva Carneiro after latest private hearing

Carl Court/Getty Images

The private legal battle over the claim of constructive dismissal between Dr. Eva Carneiro and Chelsea looks to be heading towards a very public resolution.

According to reports, the former Chelsea doctor and her legal team spent six hours at a private hearing with Chelsea's lawyers, but the two sides have failed to reach a resolution yet again.  Dr. Carneiro's lead counsel wasn't exactly optimistic ahead of the hearing of reaching a settlement, so perhaps the outcome isn't a surprise.

"We're not expecting a resolution today. The two sides are so far apart financially. And we want Mr Mourinho to make a public apology."

-Mary O'Rourke QC; source: ITV News

That last bit certainly makes this claim a very personal issue as well.  Meanwhile, Dr. Carneiro is also pursuing legal action against Mourinho himself over claims of victimization and discrimination.

Should the case against Chelsea progress to a public hearing, as all signs seem to be pointing towards at the moment, it would most likely occur sometime in the summer.

Incidentally, incoming (probably) Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is also facing legal action in Italy over allegations of failing to report match-fixing back when he was manager of Siena.  Fun times!

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