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Hiddink calls on Chelsea to be the snarling underdog against PSG

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Sixteen years ago, the Baha Men asked one of the most important questions of our time, who let the dogs out? While we may never know that answer, Guus Hiddink has clearly been inspired and wants to let a few of them out onto the Stamford Bridge turf under the Wednesday night lights.

"We will need to be angry from the start on Wednesday, but in a controlled way. The players must be fully concentrated because we are playing a class team and they will punish you if you start sloppy."


"We are underdogs, also with the season Chelsea is experiencing, especially in the first half. Now the players have regained confidence, but we are not the favourites. You see the PSG team - we also have quality - but they can rest five, six, seven players [at the weekend]. We will be a very tough underdog."

-Guus Hiddink; source: Chelsea FC

So.  Who let the dogs out?  Guus, Guus, Guus, Guus!

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(Then again, at least we're not talking about Chelsea players' urinal usage habits.  There's always that.)

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