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Chelsea to go after Edinson Cavani, for the 173rd time — report

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

There was a time I would get excited by Edinson Cavani rumors.

In the summer of 2013, for example, there were few things I wanted more than for Chelsea to sign the magnificently haired center forward.  Hanging on every scrap of rumor from Italy and England, it was a wonderfully hopeful time.  But then, reality.  Cavani went to Paris for big money and we were left looking all homeless, standing by ourselves at the altar, Tancredi Palmeri laughing at us from up on high on transfer rumor BS mountain.

In his three seasons of playing second fiddle to Ibrahimovic, Cavani has had a reasonable amount of success, though probably not quite enough to truly justify their €64m investment in him.  Then again, there's only so much one can accomplish playing second fiddle to the minor celestial body that is The Zlatan.  Cavani's goal return has certainly been decent enough (1-in-2 in Champions League, though with some glaring misses at times) and he has soldiered on gamely amid almost constant rumors of him leaving.

So now it's 2016.  Cavani is 29, with probable one major move left in his career.  Chelsea are trying to get younger, trying to rebuilt.  Here's Cavani being linked with Chelsea for roughly the 173rd time.  (With Higuaín also name-dropped for the fun of it; plus Pogba prognostications of very little newsworthiness.)

Or you can watch this fun video.

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