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Eden Hazard reaffirms Chelsea commitment: 'Mentally [and physically] I am here'

Eden Hazard is ours and you can't have him.  This has been true since the summer of 2012.  This has been true for 199 games.  This will be true hopefully for a very long time, and hopefully at the performance levels of last season and before rather than this season's sad efforts.

"The future is always the same and that is to win trophies, next season, in two and three years. You want to win the games, to win trophies. [To do that] you have to be ready because all the teams want to beat Chelsea. We are ready for that. We have good players in the team and I hope we can win more trophies."

"I am always happy here. Even if I play badly, I'm happy. I know this is football but I try to keep a smile on my face every time."

-Eden Hazard; source: ChelseaTV via Evening Standard

The quotes come from a Chelsea TV interview as Hazard approaches the 200-game milestone.  He will be just the 86th player in club history to reach the double century.  Of course you have to do the whole song-and-dance routine of signing up and signing in to your Fan+ account to watch the 4-minute special, full of such amazing production values as pictures from his career taped onto walls.  I'm not even kidding.

But hey, at least Eden's saying all the right things.

"I am happy with my form, I just need to score a couple of goals. I want the ball, I want to create something. Mentally I am here and it's good to be back [to fitness after groin and hip problems]."

-Eden Hazard; source: ChelseaTV via Evening Standard

Taking a shot every once in a while, especially when, say, all alone at the top of the box, might be a good way to score a couple goals.  I think.  Maybe try that sometime?

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