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More gorgeous renders of the proposed new Chelsea stadium

With no real news expected on the Stamford Bridge planning application and redevelopment for a while longer, until around the end of the season, we have to make do with just imagining what the new stadium might look like. Fortunately, Neil Vano is back with a few more gorgeous renderings of what the inside and the outside of the new stadium might look like.

You might remember Neil's name from his previous visualization work, including 3D renders of the new Corporate Name Arena due to arrive sometime in the next half-decade.

The big change this time form his previous work is the addition of all the brick on the outer shell and facade of the stadium. The final color of the 'London stock brick' is not yet set, so this is just a guess of course. But if the real final product is anything close to this, it's going to look great.

The small, winding stairwells strike me as a bit too old-fashioned (looks like something straight out of the San Siro), but the brick is gorgeous.

Thanks, Neil!

(h/t: JoeTexTwoTechs)

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