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Radja Nainggolan takes to Twitter to respond to Chelsea transfer speculation

Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

AS Roma midfielder Radja Nainggolan appears to be one of our prime targets this summer, but while the rumor mill is already in full swing around the midfielder, the truth of the matter may be far less exciting.  Here's the midfielder's key tweet, posted ahead of Belgium's loss in Portugal last night.

So that's responding to the Evening Standard's story yesterday morning that Nainggolan had told friends — one of whom apparently has a big mouth — that he's already mulling over a move to Chelsea.  But, as the tweet says, "if I haven't talked to any clubs, why would I tell that to my friends?"  Which is a fair point, though perhaps phrased in a slightly interesting and round-about way.  The rumor never claimed that he was talking to a club, just that he was talking to friends about (thinking about) it.  Those two aren't mutually exclusive.

In any case, I'm probably reading too much into it.  The gist of his message seems clear: there's nothing to see here.  Move along, Chelsea fans.  (At least until the next time his name pops up.  I give it a week, at most.)

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