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Chelsea loanee Danilo Pantic angry with Vitesse impasse

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While the plight of the unused loanee is easy to relate to, Danilo Pantic's outburst regarding his time at Vitesse doesn't exactly reveal a great attitude on the teenager's part.  There is, dare I say, a bit of a persecution complex even, when he accuses the Dutch club of simply not liking Serbians.

"I want to come back to Chelsea, just to train. Why am I in Vitesse if I am not good enough? I am [going] crazy! I've made no mistake. If I had a chance and blew it, I would keep quiet."

"Maybe in Vitesse they don't like us Serbs: Nemanja Matic did not get a chance here either and Uros Djurdjevic played 22 matches in a year and a half."

-Danilo Pantić; source: Blic via Goal

While the complaint may be valid, the xenophobia is unwarranted.  Matic, for example, made 28 starts in his one season at Vitesse in 2010-11.  If that's not getting a chance, one that eventually made him a necessary part of the David Luiz deal even, then I'm not sure what is.

Clearly, in a larger sense, even, things aren't going too well at Vitesse lately.  Since manager Peter Bosz jumped ship, Chelsea B have won just 2 of 8 and have played, in general, rather uninspiring football.  Chelsea's loanees have not played a major part, whether through injury, preference, or poor form.  Chelsea had to supposedly even send a warning — which may or not have been well received — but certainly, Nathan and Pantić have largely failed to impress, with the latter demoted to the reserves recently after rumors of him walking off the job proved false.

"There are five of us here at Vitesse from Chelsea and none of us are playing, that means something is wrong."

-Danilo Pantić; source: Blic via Goal

Also not true.  Solanke and Baker have been regularly involved, as has Izzy Brown when he's been fit.

While Pantić still calls it a "privilege" to have transferred to Chelsea, he's clearly regretting at least some facet of how things have worked out (or haven't worked out, as it may be the case) since.  But blaming the club(s) is the easy option.  It certainly sounds like that at least in this case, it's a bit more complicated than that.

Oh well. They can't all be winners.

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