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Fantasy football: Pogba, Bonucci swap for Willian, Oscar

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Pay attention long enough to the rumor mill, and you're bound to run across just about every combination of sales, signings, and transfer swaps that's mathematically possible.  That includes plenty of unrealistic nonsense, and this one that's making the rounds in Italy certainly would be one of those.  But let's entertain it for a second.

Thanks in part to Antonio Conte's (probable) impending arrival, it would appear that after several years of getting linked to any and all players from Atlético Madrid, out transfer fate shall be entwined with Juventus this time around.  Juan Cuadrado is just the beginning.

The front page of Sunday's Corriere dello Sport seems to think there might be more.  Many more, in fact.  They claim Abramovich has his eyes on Paul Pogba (well that's new!) and Leonardo Bonucci.  And while Juventus are trying to lock them both down, they're also interested in acquiring Oscar (so new!) and Willian.  Certainly, Juve wouldn't end up with all four (and neither would Chelsea), so it's basically that old Pogba-Oscar swap nugget, but now with added players on both sides.

As with most fantasies, this would be far too good for Chelsea.  Pogba is of course the holy grail, and while Oscar is still young and Willian was our best player this year, they are both more replaceable than the most highly rated young midfielder in the game.  Throw in the ready-made Terry replacement in Bonucci, who, much to my surprise, will not even turn 29 until the end of this season, and this is one of those fantasy trades one might pull off in FIFA but not in real life.


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