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Romelu Lukaku's father urges son to choose Manchester United over Chelsea return or the Serie A

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Apparently there are rumors of Romelu Lukaku and/or Chelsea considering a reunion of what was once a highly promising arrangement.  I think the source for all that is The Sun.  It's an exclusive, so you know it's true.  Top of the shopping list and all.

It makes for a good headline, no doubt, but there's probably nothing more to it than that.  However, Lukaku is likely to want to move on from Everton to a "bigger" team — he's stated his ambitions before as well — though if his father has any say, it won't be to a team with too much competition for places.

"He's ready. I see that there is interest from Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Chelsea and Manchester United."

"I know his agent prefers Italy but I think he must choose Manchester United or Bayern Munich. Manchester United is a team under construction with no real focus. Bayern is a machine where he can rotate well. The only condition is if Robert Lewandowski leaves. With the playing style of Bayern, Romelu will make a lot of goals. A return to Chelsea would make everything complicated. And Juventus has two, three strikers. Anyway (it must be) a team where he always plays, rotation is nothing for him. He takes care of himself well, he's not often injured and is physically strong."

Whoa, what's happening here?

"Every year, he gets better and more complete. I am sure he becomes the top scorer in the Premier League. He is growing towards a level where he will say, "Give me the ball, I'll find a solution. Romelu has one great aspect in his character: he always wants to learn and to become better. The day he believes he can't learn anything anymore, there's something wrong. When he'll move to a bigger club, he will get more competition. That will make things more complicated."

-Roger Lukaku; source: NSNO

Even more complete?  I thought he was the "complete striker" already!?

In any case, best of luck to Lukaku in whatever endeavor he chooses next.  If he leaves the Premier League, at least we won't have to worry about him bullying all our defenders not named Kurt Zouma into submission.

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