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Courtois looking forward to new season with new coach, but falls short of proper commitment to Chelsea

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

With Belgium only scheduled for one friendly during this international break, and that only on Tuesday, the leading stars of the team have had plenty of time for media appearances and such.  Thibaut Courtois is literally and figuratively one of the biggest stars on everyone's favorite second team, so he's in high demand for quotes and soundbites.

Unfortunately for young Thibaut, who was easily mentioned in the same breath as the best in the world last season, this season hasn't exactly gone according to plan.  A major knee injury sidelined him for several months and since his return, he's not been quite his dominant self.  Whether that's just a bit of sophomore slump or something more permanent, we shall see.  Or at least hope to see, as rumors of a switch to Real Madrid continue swirling around.  Courtois's diplomatic take on such affairs isn't helping.

"I do not say yes, I do not say no, I say, I do not know: I still have a 3-year contract, we must see what Chelsea want..."

-Thibaut Courtois; source: RTBF via Google Translate

Professional answers like that are sure to endear him to the fanbase struggling for something solid and good to hang our hat on.

That said, Courtois is looking forward to the new coach coming in this summer, so perhaps his commitment to the cause is not as waffly as his diplomacy makes it out to be.

"Until now I'd won a trophy every season. I tried to come back as strongly as possible [from the injury]. It's a pity that we're out of the FA Cup and the Champions League but I'm going to try to finish the season well and have a good European Championship with Belgium."

"Then we'll start a new season with a new manager [at Chelsea] with the hope of doing a lot better than this year."

-Thibaut Courtois; source: RTBF via ESPN

Courtois may have had his struggles this season, just as the rest of the squad, but he's super young (especially in goalkeeper years) and he's (super) good and should get even better.  Letting him leave would be the wrong call, just as it would've been last summer and the summer before.

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