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Juventus chief dashes hopes of Chelsea and other teams gunning for Paul Pogba

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Juventus CEO Beppe Marotta is becoming a regular face in Chelsea rumors, whether that's concerning his ex-coach (and likely future Chelsea boss Antonio Conte), or one his current players, the most prominent of whom is of course Paul Pogba.  Everybody wants Paul Pogba, just as in the last couple transfer windows, but it would appear once again, that, at least right now, he isn't agitating for a move.

"Pogba is a Juventus player and still has an ongoing contract with us. Plus he has also told us about his intention to stay with us. All the conditions are there for him to continue with Juventus for the upcoming years."

"The Juventus jersey is something you honour right until the end. It is not a foregone conclusion yet that he will stay at Juventus, because nothing is ever guaranteed in football, but it is highly likely that he will stay put."

-Guiseppe Marotta, Juventus CEO; source: Star

This is certainly some of the most confident that Marotta has sounded over the years of keeping Pogba.  Which doesn't bode well for our potential pursuit of the 23-year-old midfielder, but perhaps does bode well for our possible pursuit of Radja Nainggolan, who's been recently put forward as Juve's backup plan (which they might not need if Pogba stays).

Obviously, this won't be the last time we'll talk of, dream about, pine after Pogba this summer, but at the moment, Conte or no Conte, we look about the furthest we've ever been from signing the young star.


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