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Edinson Cavani prefers Antonio Conte over Jose Mourinho

Or at least his agent does. And he also (probably) prefers Max Allegri even more.

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There are certain traditions that must be observed each holiday.  And by holiday I mean transfer window.  Which is the biggest holiday in football, where wonderful presents are delivered to teams across the world and people try to one-up each other with delusions of grandeur and massive, FIFA/FM-esque transfer scenarios.  It's generally a time of hope and peace and prosperity before the harsh realities of the actual season set in.

And it's never too early to start thinking about the holidays.  I mean traditions.

One such tradition, observed quite regularly since about 2012 — though not nearly as regularly as HULK-a-mania or Mikel's latest upcoming adventures in Turkey or China or Italy or wherever — is Edinson Cavani.  The wonderfully haired center forward first made our hearts throb in the colors of Napoli, where he upgraded himself from a 1-in-2 striker to a 2-in-3 sniper.  In his final year there, he average almost 1-in-1 and earned himself the huge money transfer to Paris, to play second fiddle to The Zlatan.

Now that Zlatan may be ready to move on, I'm not sure why Cavani's at all agitating for a move as well.  But perhaps he's just making sure that PSG give him a contract extension (he will have two years left after this season).  So here's Cavani's agent, stirring the pot gently.

In three months everything can change. Edinson could stay at PSG, who have an ambitious project, but also he could change. Who do I prefer between Jose Mourinho, Conte and Massimo Allegri? There are three big coaches, but for Edy I'd prefer the attacking game of Conte and Allegri.

-Walter Guglielmone, agent, brother*; source: Tuttosport via Metro

That's how the Metro present the agent's quotes. But the full quotes make it much more likely that Juventus (and Allegri) would be the actual preferred destination, not Chelsea (and Conte).

"Anything is possible in football... [Juventus] is a prestigious club with a great history and a great present, last year reached the final of the Champions . Moreover, Edinson, in his time at Naples, has always scored against them. In three months, everything can change... What is true today, may not be worth anything tomorrow. "

"Edinson may remain at PSG, which has an ambitious project, but it could change. It will depend on many aspects. Now, as my brother says, it's time to think only of winning the Champions [League]. In June, if anything, there will be time to think of the market."

"The Premier League is where there is more competition between the teams, but Serie A and La Liga are equally difficult and high-level. For Edi, a return to Italy would absolutely not be a step back in his career.  [With Dybala], he would form one of the strongest duos in Europe. But now my brother plays in the PSG ..."

"Who do I prefer as a technician between Conte, Mourinho and Allegri? You should inquire directly to my brother. They are three big, but personally for Edi, I prefer the offensive game of Allegri and Conte."

-Walter Guglielmone, source: Tuttosport via Goal (and Google Translate)

So, at best, should Cavani decide to leave, it might be a two-horse race?  Though our horse would be a bit gimpy, given the lack of Champions League football to spur it on.

* If, like me, you're confused how Cavani and Guglielmone are brothers, their maternal last name is the same, Gómez.

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