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Spain boss says Diego Costa has been 'demonised'

David Ramos/Getty Images

Chelsea striker Diego Costa remains one of the least liked players in English football, and his antics at the Everton game in the FA Cup - including a "biting" incident with Gareth Barry that the Everton player himself denied from his own volition - certainly didn't help his case. It was rumoured that Costa's absence from the latest Spanish national team call-up could have been motivated by his attitude in the Everton game, but manager Vicente del Bosque vehemently denied that.

"From what I've seen, they have demonised Costa a lot and maybe that's why [there are some who don't want him in the squad] but the last episode isn't so serious, honestly."

"He was putting in effort to play because it was Chelsea's last chance to get something and he plays with great excitement. That's a good part of his approach. He also has other things that are bad, but I don't want either to change."

"If we called him it's because we already know him, but I don't like that he does ugly things, but the other day wasn't like that."

Del Bosque criticized Costa for his antics before, so he wouldn't be shy to hamper on the player again if he felt the need to do so. It's certainly good news for Costa that his boss at the international level doesn't feel as if his attitude doesn't have a place within the squad, unlike other peers in Spain.

The manager also said that Spain's squad for the Euros could change depending on the fitness state and availability of the players, with Costa in the fray to make a return if he's fit to play in the competition.

"I imagine [the tournament squad] will have quite a few of those who are there now, but I don't think it will be exactly the same. There's two months ahead and there can be changes or injuries or some of those who are injured now could recover, like Santi Cazorla, Vitolo, Andres Iniesta, Costa."

-Vicente del Bosque; Source: Mundo Deportivo via Football España

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