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FFP may have teeth after all: Galatasaray given one-year European ban

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

To date, Chelsea have been going out of their way to comply with UEFA's financial fair play regulations, which have had very little impact on how clubs spend. It has led to some fines and a restricted squad for perpetual underachievers Manchester City, but over the course of the past year, most fans have really begun to question whether or not there was any point to abiding by these regulations.

On Wednesday, reports emerged suggesting that FFP may have teeth after all.

Turkish media is reporting that UEFA has handed down a one-year European ban for Galatasaray, due to their failure to spend within their means. While there is yet to be any sort of official confirmation of this ban, it would most definitely be the most noteworthy punishment in the regulation's short history. That said, Galatasaray will almost certainly appeal the ban, and we could see the latest legal test from a player challenging the legality of the regulations.

Regardless, this news will likely serve as a warning for many European clubs, though English sides are about to receive another huge injection of cash, and will probably be set for a spending spree of biblical proportions this coming summer. It will be interesting to see if this has any effect, either making more players from the continent available, or scaring smaller Champions League clubs enough that they tighten up the purse strings.

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