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Chelsea 2-2 West Ham United: Post-match reaction

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

The return of John Terry to the Chelsea starting lineup wasn't enough to cure our defensive woes. Several instances of sloppy defending were punished in a 2-2 draw with West ham and frankly, the Blues were lucky they didn't wind up conceding one or two more.

The draw certainly wasn't the result that any of us were hoping for, but watching late substitute Ruben Loftus-Cheek make a great run and earn the leveling penalty absolutely made my week. With any luck, that was enough to earn the kid a few starts after the international break, as he just has to be an improvement over the corpse of Oscar at the moment.


  • Why do we always get Tony Gale for Chelsea matches? He somehow manages to get worse at his job every single week.
  • I really have no idea what happened to Oscar in the past 18 months, but it's painful to watch. Maybe we should have taken that money from China...
  • Hopefully Kenedy isn't hurt too badly, and won't be forced to wear a mask going forward.
  • Remember when we used to regularly trouble opponents from corners? It's funny how fast that danger disappears when you take away the bulk of your size and athleticism, and replace those guys with tricky little hobbits.
  • It's amazing how a defensive foursome that was so good last season has completely forgotten how to communicate. The sequence of defensive errors that led to Andy Carroll ended up being free on Chelsea's goal was both hilarious and depressing, and perfectly sums up Chelsea's season, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Speaking of Carroll's goal, Thibaut Courtois has to save that. He looked very shaky all day, and was probably a bit lucky that he conceded as few as he did.
  • I'm almost looking forward to the international break, even though I hate international friendlies. It's sad when the fans need some time to rest and recuperate.
  • All hail Ruben Loftus-Cheek!

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