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Chelsea's trip to Liverpool re-scheduled for May

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Chelsea Training Session & Press Conference Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Chelsea's run-in just got a little tougher. Kind of, anyway -- we're not really in a situation to care much about results any longer, and without any silverware to fight for the rest of the season is simply going to be a tedious slog on the way to summer. So that fact that we're now due to travel to Anfield* on Wednesday, May 11th, in what becomes the penultimate game of the season, really just flavours our May with a slightly different variety of ennui.

*Our trip to Liverpool was postponed so we could lose at Everton this weekend instead. Hurray!

For those who are still excited about the rest of the year, that trip north is sandwiched between a visit to Sunderland on the preceding Saturday and us hosting Leicester (who might already be champions) on the final day of the season. The match will kick off at 8pm. Don't miss out. Unless you have better things to do. Then you should feel free.