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Eden Hazard could miss most of the rest of Chelsea's season

Clive Rose/Getty Images

The obvious joke here is that he's been basically missing in action most of the season so far already anyway, right?  Or, or, maybe the classic "We see you've been missing a lot of work lately"; "Well, I can't say I've been missing it, Bob".

In any case, the Express are the first to put some sort of prognosis on Eden Hazard's latest hip injury, and it's not particularly good news for the Chelsea man.

...Hazard, who has had an injury plagued campaign, could now be sidelined for as long as four weeks with a recurring hip problem, the club fear.

-source: Express

While it's not quite clear how long the hip has been truly bothering Eden — his dad recently suggested it's been an issue even before Jamie Vardy mistook for the back of the net in December — but it's become a recurring issue under Guus Hiddink's tenure and could very well be the key reason Hazard hasn't been able to make a similar return to decent form like many others in the squad have been able to.  Our back-to-back Player of the Season has missed more time this season than all his previous years in a Chelsea shirt combined, including the weekend's FA Cup quarterfinal defeat at Everton.

With only nine games and two months to go in this league campaign, and with very little if anything left to pay for, any sort of significant injury could see a player shut down for the rest of the season.  Why risk further injury, especially with Euro 2016 on the horizon as well?  Combine this with the recent resurgence of Hazard exit rumors, and we could be in for an interesting few months.

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