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Chelsea young star wants to stay in Spain next season

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

After six matches unbeaten with Real Bétis, Chelsea loanee Charly Musonda finally found out how defeat feels like at the top level in a 3-1 away loss to Athletic Bilbao in La Liga on Sunday. The defeat to Bilbao didn't change Bétis's position in the league table; they stay in 11th place and 8 points away from the relegation zone.

The loss didn't seem to affect Musonda either, who voiced out his intention to stay in Spain in the next season.

"I am happy here. My favourite clubs are in Spain. Since I was little, I'm a fan of Barcelona and Real Madrid. I learned Spanish to be able to come here."

"I want to stay here. It's in my head now, but we do not know what could happen next season. The future is uncertain, but it is possible that I stay next season. It's better that I play here rather than being a back-up at Chelsea..."

-Charly Musonda; Source: Canal Sur via

So far, the loan has worked out wonderfully for Musonda, who helped Bétis move up in the table with his offensive contribution on the pitch. He's certainly showing his prowess, especially as a skilled dribbler, but the question remains on whether he could be useful for Chelsea immediately or if he needs one more season as a professional under his belt before moving back to the club.

Moving back to Chelsea just to play a few minutes in the first-team at this point would be a waste not only for Musonda but also for the team. The best course of action to take here might be to let Musonda stay in Spain for another season -- just as it was mooted at the very start of his loan -- and get him ready to take the club and stay for many years to come.

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