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Everton vs. Chelsea, Player Ratings: Kenedy held least responsible for Hiddink's worst ever Chelsea match

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

1. KENEDY - DL 5.1
Minutes played84
Calling Kenedy a 'Man of the Match' in this case would certainly be a misnomer.  Even beyond the fact that Everton won, there was only one game-changer among the 28 players who took part in Saturday's contest, and that was our former great hope, Romelu Lukaku.  Release the Kraken!  And so we did, unfortunately.

In any case, Kenedy floats to the top of this [shoe]pile of a Chelsea performance.  He was Chelsea's youngest player on the day.  The kid's certainly got pizzazz if not quite positional sense as a left back.

2. JOHN TERRY - 700 5.0
Minutes played6
At the other end of the spectrum, we have the ancient institution known as John Terry, who, with his 5-minute cameo, made his 700th appearance for the club.  He's only the third person to ever accomplish that.

As far as his performance in this game itself, that hardly matters.  Hiddink was surely just trolling us all in throwing on the Chelsea captain as some sort of emergency forward.  Terry did manage to put himself in the wars in the short time he was on the pitch, but we've come to expect nothing less from him over the years.

Minutes played90
In a player ratings first, there was a literal dead-heat between Courtois and Willian for the third spot.  And I do mean a literal dead-heat, with the votes summing and averaging out to the same exact number.

So I've made the executive decision to put Courtois on the podium (played the whole game), even if he did forget to come up with some wondersaves on Lukaku's shots.

Courtois (4.7), Kenedy (5.1), Ivanović (3.8), Cahill (4.2), Azpilicueta (4.6), Matić (3.8), Mikel (4.5), Pedro (3.8), Fàbregas (4.4), Willian (4.7), Costa (4.4)

Oscar (3.6), Rémy (3.2), Terry (5.0)


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