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Guus Hiddink goes full Wenger following FA Cup defeat

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After a woeful performance which included a red card to one of our best players, and possibly a lengthy suspension if the FA believes that Diego Costa, indeed, bit Gareth Barry, Guus Hiddink was always going to be in for a bit of a rough post-match interview. Fortunately, the Chelsea interim manager has been paying attention to England's longest tenured manager over the years:

"I didn't see the Diego Costa incident."

"If I had have seen it I would give proper comment so it is difficult to give a comment on that. Everton were going after him the whole game."

That's Arsene Wenger 101, in a nutshell. Any time there's a controversial incident in which your team is potentially in the wrong, resort to a failure to have seen the incident in question, and move on to sunnier topics. Topics such as our wonderful performance in the first 70 minutes...right?

"There is a lot of emotions still going on after the game, but when I tried to calm down and analyse, the team did rather well for 70 minutes and then we conceded. The energy was out and we had a few injuries. I cannot criticise our attitude but the sharpness was left around the box."

"Rather well" is a bit of a stretch, as far as I'm concerned. "Not noticeably worse than an absolutely atrocious Everton side" was probably more accurate, even if we couldn't make that statement about the full 90 minutes.

Saturday's loss to Everton was an entirely forgettable affair, though we won't be able to forget and move on due to the controversy created by Costa. Hopefully, the FA sees the incident in the same manner that Roberto Martinez does, as nothing to worry about, and limits Diego's suspension to this season, instead of one that stretches into the start of the next campaign.

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