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Eden Hazard's no-win situation as he misses Everton match

Clive Rose/Getty Images

The Eden Hazard injury situation was already confusing enough — his father claiming the Chelsea are pushing too hard, Hiddink claiming that Hazard is not a big injury risk — but now that he misses out on the FA Cup quarterfinal tie at Everton, it's also, once again, a no-win situation.

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.  If Hazard plays under painkillers again, and doesn't impress unilaterally, he once again comes under fire.  If he doesn't play and tries to get fully healthy again, his commitment is questioned once again.  After receiving thousands of kicks during just his Chelsea career (not to mention previously at Lille), his commitment to the cause really shouldn't be questioned, though I could also see him getting truly tired of the harsh treatment and the lack of protection from referees.

Whatever's going on inside Eden Hazard's mind, this latest development will unfortunately not ease any of the pressures around him, pressures to not only perform, but visibly show his commitment to the cause, however meaningless public displays of affection may be.  While neither Hazard nor Chelsea want to end this wonderful relationship that has brought great success on the pitch and great excitement in the stands, this season's basically a write-off for Eden.  The man just can't seem to win this season, whether we're talking about form or injuries or support.  Hopefully the new coach coming in will help him rediscover the magic.

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