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Chelsea will NOT sell Eden Hazard — report

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Following Thursday morning rumors out of Spain about Real Madrid having a 'done deal' to sign Hazard this summer, here come Chelsea to fire back.  Well, here comes Matt Law of the Telegraph, to be specific, to fire back with what I presume to be information likely sourced from the club.

Chelsea will reject bids for Eden Hazard this summer and do not share the view of the club's boo boys that he is to blame for the dismal season that has seen the Blues fall out of the Champions League.

-source: Telegraph

It would appear at the moment that unless Hazard himself forces a move, Chelsea seem intent on revitalizing the fallen star, to help him back to last season's England-best levels via a combination of new management (Antonio Conte's mission #1) and mentorship (paging Didier Drogba, which could be problematic as he intends to see out his deal in MLS the last time we heard).

The report highlights Hazard's easy-going nature, his new contract, and the fact that he's not surrounded by a giant PR machine (or an agent, for that matter) as signs that he just needs a bit of guidance to avoid such silliness as posing for interviews in the wrong shirt or saying ill-timed things in other interview, or swapping shirts* at half-time.  After all, in the end, games aren't won or lost with such actions.

So, that appears to the "official" Chelsea stance, which is either meant to ensure that Hazard stays or that at least Real Madrid end up paying through the nose for him.  I'd much rather prefer the former outcome, but if a sale has to happen, then we better be talking eye-watering sums.

* I think my favorite part of the shirt-swapping narrative is that it's assumed as fact that not only was it Hazard who initiated it (how do we know?) but that this distracted him from whatever team talks needed to happen at half-time.  As if a shirt-swap takes Dr. Evil levels of planning and premeditation.  Hazard practically tore the shirt of Di Maria; it was the only reason he even played in that game!  Or something.

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