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Chelsea vs. PSG, Player Ratings: Diego Costa the lone hero in Chelsea's Champions League swansong

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Minutes played60
Diego the Villain, the "Fraud" died a hero on Wednesday night, scoring a goal that gave Chelsea some hope and being the spearhead and the earthly manifestation of our desire to reach the next round.  When the tendon in his right leg gave out* around the hour mark -- hopefully it's nothing major -- the loss of belief was palpable, both from the players and the fans.  Zlatan's winner soon after was just twisting the knife.

Costa has struggled for goals in the Champions League for most of his Chelsea career, but there was no doubting his desire and will in this one.  Unfortunately, it may be a while before he gets another shot at Champions League glory with Chelsea.

* It is interesting to compare the general reaction to Costa calling for a sub and Hazard calling for a sub, especially after the latter tried to play on after first realizing he was hurt.

2. WILLIAN - AM 6.6
Minutes played90
Fouls drawn2
If Germany's second best goalkeeper does not make a great save on Willian's shot in the 65th minute (and another great save on the follow-up from Hazard), we might be feeling a little less blue today.  But, there are many such turning points during the course of 90 minutes, let alone 180, it's tough to lament any single one of them for too long.

Willian, who's appeared in 41 of our 43 competitive matches this season, did grab an assist in this one, and outside of some early inaccurate passing and some tiredness creeping in after PSG's second goal, produced another display where he was at the heart of anything and everything good to come from Chelsea.  Whether that's good enough to challenge for titles is up for debate, but it's hard to fault Big Willi Style for our travails this season.

3. KENEDY - DL 6.3
Minutes played90
The only player to be specifically called out for praise after the match by the manager was young Kenedy, once again playing left back because apparently Baba Rahman is just the worst.  While it remains fairly obvious that Kenedy isn't really much of a left back either, he was generally "up for it" and was at least trying.  When the bar for visible effort is set pretty low, it doesn't take much to clear it and Kenedy certainly cleared it comfortably.

His emergence from a virtual unknown this summer to someone who can and is expected to provide a positive impact on the pitch is commendable, especially if he can build on it in the coming seasons and establish himself as a key player at Chelsea.

Courtois (6.0), Kenedy (6.3), Ivanović (5.9), Cahill (5.0), Azpilicueta (5.1), Fàbregas (5.8), Mikel (5.7), Hazard (5.4), Willian (6.6), Pedro (6.2), Costa (7.9)

Traoré (5.4), Oscar (4.8)


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