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Norwich City vs. Chelsea, Premier League: Half-time report

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2-0 to the good guys.

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Chelsea started as brightly as can be, and took the lead within a minute of kick-off courtesy of a wonderful Kenedy run and strike.  And then we almost scored a couple more, before the early impetus petered out.  Then Norwich grew into the game and we've had a mostly even affair ever since.

It shouldn't be an even affair, but Chelsea are making silly errors at a regular clip to help the hosts.  Matic and Courtois are routinely giving the ball away (and in the latter's case probably getting away with picking up a back pass, too) and Cahill & Ivanovic are trying their level best to make Cameron Jerome look dangerous.

On the bright side, Kenedy is fun (if not exactly a left back), Traore looks good (except for one bad heavy touch that destroyed a great chance), and even Eden Hazard has made several good contributions.  Norwich are doing everything in their power to foul and obstruct and get away with fouling and obstructing, but Chelsea have still managed to carve out several decent opportunities and combinations.  And we're getting lucky as well, with the aforementioned back-pass call and Diego Costa being offside for our second goal.

More of the same and we've got this in the bag.