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Worst fears confirmed with Kurt Zouma injury

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Worst fears confirmed.  Kurt Zouma will be out for at least six months after injuring his anterior cruciate ligament yesterday.  If those are too many syllables, that's his ACL and that's the darkest timeline.

Chelsea Football Club's medical team have diagnosed that Kurt Zouma sustained an injury to his anterior cruciate ligament during yesterday's (Sunday) Premier League game against Manchester United.

Kurt will undergo surgery in the next 48 hours and is expected to be out for approximately six months.

-source: Chelsea FC

While in recent seasons that have been a few high-profile success stories of athletes coming back (and coming back stronger) from an ACL tear — the NFL's Adrian Peterson comes to mind — the reality remains that this is a major, career-altering injury (both physically and mentally).  Zouma is of course still very young and thus hopefully he can heal much better than, say, Radamel Falcao, but this is the worst and tragic and sad.

Oh Happy...  :(

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