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Hazard: 'But, and I repeat, I feel very well at Chelsea, so this is not news'

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Eden Hazard must be playing better as of late.

How do I know?  The Real Madrid rumors are back, that's how!  Those rumors largely died out earlier this season, and while the recent Zinedine Zidane appointment brought them back into focus, Hazard's continuing struggles and injury issues relegated them into the background again.

But now, they're attempting to make a comeback, just like Eden himself attempts to recover his own and Chelsea's season.

"It is always nice to hear that the player I admired during my childhood speaking about me. I have always appreciated Zidane. I know about him as a player but not so much as a coach, although he has been very successful debut at the Bernabeu. But I am still under contract at Chelsea and I feel fine."

"Yes, of course [I would want to play under Zidane at some stage]. When I was little, I watched him on TV and on the internet for hours. But, and I repeat, I feel very well at Chelsea, so this is not news."

-Eden Hazard; source: La Gazette via Evening Standard

Oh, Eden.  Oh you naive, silly little boy.  Of course it's news.  Once the question is asked, it's news regardless of what you say.

But anyway, Eden Hazard is ours and he feels at least fine, if not very well, even.  Good enough for me.  Let's get back to work.

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