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Chelsea set for summer USA tour with 2016 International Champions Cup

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If you're thinking that much like the last time the vast majority of the Chelsea squad had major summertime commitments with their respective national teams, Chelsea would opt against an international tour in the summer of 2016, you'd be wrong, unfortunately.  While most eyes are on managerial rumors, recent side stories would seem to indicate that Chelsea will be partaking in the 2016 International Champions Cup.

Chelsea are set to take part in a tournament in America as part of their summer pre-season plans, despite the fact many of their players will go to the European Championship. In recent seasons, Chelsea have remained in Europe during an international tournament year but the club are now close to confirming plans to compete in a lucrative friendly tournament in the US and possibly attend a training camp in Europe. Chelsea players who compete in the Euros will return for pre-season training later than their team-mates and their comeback dates will be set depending on how far their international teams go.

-source: Telegraph

Chelsea were set up for a winning, dominant 2014-15 campaign with the smart decision to stay in Europe during the preseason following the 2014 World Cup.  Apparently we're not going to be so smart this time around.  Add in the fact that our congested pre-season schedule that included a tour of the USA last summer played a major part in the horrendous start to this season, it's simply baffling that we'd take commercial interests over sporting interests once again.

The Telegraph's throwaway paragraph corroborates earlier throwaway reports out of Italy that listed Chelsea as one of Inter Milan's potential opponents at the ICC.

Inter has already decided to fly to the US in late July, to take part for the third time in the International Champions Cup, along with AC Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Liverpool, and to play a friendly match with DC United.

-CdS via FC Inter News via Google Translate

What could possibly go wrong?  With Conte's commitments at Euro 2016 possibly running into early July, just as many of our biggest stars', adding further complications to the summer schedule seems like the last thing we should be doing.

Just like last season, the ICC is set to take part across three continents, with Manchester City already confirmed for ICC China, Spurs and Juventus confirmed for ICC Australia, and Chelsea looking likely for ICC USA.  Fun for the locals, I suppose.

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