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WATCH: Cesc Fabregas's return to form has been fun to witness

The 2015-16 season began as a nightmare for Cesc Fabregas. The decorated Chelsea midfielder found himself at the center of a lockerroom controversy (that may or may not have been true) with then manager Jose Mourinho. His poor form led to questions about his desire to play for his manager.

Since the departure of Mourinho and the arrival of Guus Hiddink, the Spanish international's play has improved dramatically. Perhaps it was coincidental, but whatever the reason, he's back to the old Cesc Fabregas finally and Chelsea are reaping the benefits.

Cesc's confidence and motivation have returned in the second half of the season. The video above demonstrates this perfectly as he's shown gliding around the field like the Cesc of last season, bossing the midfield and making everyone around him better. This resurgence in form is proof that he's still a top player when in-form. Hopefully whatever it was that caused his dramatic dip in production to start this season is well beyond him.

(h/t: Azure Phoenix)

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