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Chelsea advance in UEFA Youth League thanks to Valencia's ghost penalty 'miss'

Just when you think you've seen it all in football*, along comes Chelsea U19 vs. Valencia U19 in the UEFA Youth League Round of 16.  Chelsea, the defending champions, were far from their effervescent best all game and managed only a 1-1 against the visitors from Spain.  As per regulations, the match went directly to a penalty kick shootout, where the quality of both teams shone through and all takes were converted.

So how did Chelsea win then?  Mr. Referee and crew decided that this was in fact a miss, rather than a goal.

That's young Chelsea goalkeeper Bradley Collins and that's the ball hitting the back of the triangle at the base of his right-hand post.  Oops.  None of Chelsea's penalties were ruled out, with Tammy Abraham converting last to give Chelsea the 5-3 shootout "win".

Here's a better quality video:

Whether Valencia have any actual recourse here besides being understandably livid, I'm not sure.  As of right now, the result stands and Chelsea are into the final eight and will face the winners of Lyon vs. Ajax Amsterdam, which will be played tomorrow.

* I've been reminded that back in 1970-71, Chelsea beat Ipswich Town thanks to this Alan Hudson goal.  THAT'S how you do it, Luis Garcia!

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