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Coin-throwing idiots will be banned from Stamford Bridge

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The day after West Brom's Chris Brunt was hit below the eye with a coin thrown by a West Brom fan, Chelsea fans showed that there are certain few among us who are also not above such idiotic, shameful behaviour.  That the coins from the Matthew Harding were aimed at Manchester City's celebrating players doesn't make the behaviour any more approriate, acceptable, or commendable.

Both Chelsea and Guus Hiddink have moved to condemn the actions of this person or persons, while The FA have confirmed that they are investigating the incident as well.

"I was aware. There were coins thrown to the Man City players. We condemn it, and I condemn it strongly. Chelsea will react. Those people [responsible] they must not come into stadiums."

-Guus Hiddink; source: Evening Standard

"We condemn such idiotic and dangerous behaviour. If we can identify those responsible we will ban them from Stamford Bridge. It’s worth noting it’s a criminal offence too and we will support any police prosecution if we can identify, along with the police, those individuals responsible for that behaviour today."

-source: Chelsea FC

Good job, whoever you are, sullying our great FA Cup win.  A proud day for you and your family, no doubt.