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Branislav Ivanovic on the fear of a trophyless season and using John Terry as extra motivation

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Despite the generally shocking results this season, Chelsea are still in the chase for two trophies, in the FA Cup and the Champions League.  Victory in either would, to some extent, salvage this tragic season. It would also avoid a trophyless season for Chelsea, which is something that hasn't happened very often since Roman Abramovich took over the club.

"It is not a nice feeling when you end the season without a trophy and the memory of that will spur me on against City. Chelsea are used to picking up silverware so when you don't, you use it as extra motivation to make sure it doesn't happen again. With each trophy you win, you just want more. We hope we will still get to experience a special feeling in May."

Considering that winning a double last season seemed to serve as a de-motivating factor for this season, it's a bit ironic that now we're trying to use the prospect of a failed season to motivate the team as we head into the latter part of the season.  Could've used some of this motivation earlier this season, too, no?

During this trophy bonanza of the Abramovich Era, the 2012 Champions League may be the most important one ever, but the FA Cup also holds a special place in Chelsea lore.  At one point, we had won four in six seasons, the last of which also came in 2012.  Ivanovic had been present for three of those; now he wants to win it for a fourth time in his career.

"The FA Cup is a special trophy for Chelsea. We had a great record in the competition a few years ago and I have won it myself three times but the last one was back in 2012. No one at Chelsea is happy with how things have gone this season. It has been difficult for us."

"But the positive thing is the season still isn't finished. We have to take every opportunity we can and we have a chance to win the FA Cup again. I have been at Chelsea a long time and really got to appreciate what the FA Cup means to everybody here, the club, the supporters."

"It is a massive competition and I love the way how every team approaches the games. This spirit comes from the small teams and when you play sides in the lower divisions, you see even more how important it is to everyone in English football."

"We always take the competition seriously and pick a strong team, whoever is in charge. It is a big game against Manchester City and we can't wait. We have to be tough, go step by step and hopefully have something to celebrate in May."

Captain John Terry fell to injury in the Premier League match-up against Newcastle last weekend, missing our game against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League on Tuesday. He will also miss out on Sunday, but in a strange way, that's serving as extra motivation for the fit members of the squad.

"I certainly don't want us to go out of the cups while John is injured. Every Chelsea player is thinking like that. John is very important to us. We don't know what is going to happen regarding his future, we hope the club and John find a way for everyone to be happy."

"As far as I'm concerned, I am just keeping the armband warm for John. He is the captain and I am just filling in while he is injured. I hope, and everyone does, that he will be back soon."

"He stayed behind in London during the week to help his recovery and we are hoping to get some positive news. Of course it is very important for us to have him on the pitch. It is an honour to be captain but everyone knows John's qualities as a leader."

-Branislav Ivanovic; source: London Evening Standard

An FA Cup and/or a Champions League title might be the last trophy that Terry will be able to achieve in his Chelsea (playing) career. It would surely be nice not only to supporters but also to one of the best players in the history of the club to get to lift a trophy or two, one final time, especially after the disaster of the rest of the season.

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