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More intense FIFA 16 action with Chelsea's Courtois, Loftus-Cheek, Zouma, and Azpilicueta

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I can't say I'm too familiar with the FIFA gamers' YouTube 'scene' -- by which I mean I'm not familiar at all -- but "Spencer FC" must be one of the better, bigger ones if he's landing promotional gigs like the one above, with the four Chelsea players who were also involved in the Player Tournament. We actually see a bit of that at the beginning of this video (the part with the selfie sticks), but then we move on to a second match, which involves the four Chelsea boys, "Spencer", and a lucky fan.

Things got rather intense in this one, with an amazing comeback by Zouma's team from an early 3-0 hole. The now-injured center back's celebrations are the best, though Courtois's imitation isn't bad either. In the end though, despite all that effort expended on the comeback, team RLC prevails once again, just as they did in the Player Tournament.

Good job, kids!