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French riot police deny using tear gas on Chelsea supporters, despite video evidence to the contrary

Match-going football fans being treated like animals is nothing new unfortunately, and it would appear that for the second-straight year*, the French Riot Police (CRS) have taken things a bit too far.  They of course deny any harsh treatment, including the use of tear gas, but as the video above shows, at least one of them just couldn't do his job without acting like a thug.  While the video doesn't actually show any tear gas being deployed, there are very distinct spraying sounds at the 17- and 20-second marks (especially at the latter), which quite likely coincide with Mr. CRS-man pushing his finger down on the trigger.  And even just the threat of tear gas for celebrating a goal seems well over the line as far as appropriate behaviour is concerned.

There were increased security measures all around the ground, with the city still recovering from November's terror attacks and the match coinciding with The Eagles of Death Metal playing the "continuation" of their show at the Bataclan that was so tragically interrupted that day.  In addition, Chelsea had a reduced ticket allocation, partially also due to last year's Metro incident -- to which Chelsea reacted with swift and decision action -- and the far less publicized incident of the CRS using "indiscriminate, brutal and unnecessary force" on a whole group of Chelsea supporters outside the ground, many of whom required medical attention afterwards thanks to the actions of the police.  Those are Chelsea's words, by the way, not mine, from the complaint filed with UEFA, which, perhaps unsurprisingly given their ties to French football, was dismissed without much further ado.  Here's Dan Levene with further details on that incident, which had convinced more than just a few Chelsea supporters to pass on any future away days in Paris.

One would think this latest incident won't change their minds.  Here's one supporter's first-hand experience.

* And let's not forget 2014 either, when disabled Chelsea supporters were abused by sections of the home crowd.

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