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Hiddink's having none of Eden Hazard's BS

Harry Engels/Getty Images

Guus Hiddink may not be here after the season ends, but as an oft-touted trusted advisor to Abramovich & Co, his words carry plenty of weight.  So when presented with Eden Hazard's recent comments to French magazine Le Parisien, Hiddink wasted no time in putting his foot down and telling it exactly like it is.  Whether Hazard's words were a result of mischief, naiveté, or just something lost in translation, here's hoping he's paying attention.

"For me, I think big, big, big players always like to be in the biggest league -- which is the Premier League, La Liga and also the Bundesliga."

-Guus Hiddink; source: ESPN

Hiddink acknowledged that PSG are obviously trying to be "one of the biggest teams in Europe" but the French league has become a bit of a joke and it's a competition well below Hazard's standards.  Or, at least the standards that Hazard should be striving for.

And speaking of what he should be striving for...

"Well, he has a contract that he extended but first he must get fit and show he is a top player and then for Chelsea, which is a top club, he can be of huge value. In the near future there will be more speculation about who is coming here or who is going but I don't go into that."

-Guus Hiddink; source: Guardian

The message is clear, shape up or ship out.  Time to get serious.

Hazard has responded well to previous challenges, of course.  Whether Hiddink can succeed like Mourinho did remains to be seen.  Hazard does say he's not thinking about a move "for now" (though obviously has given it some thought as evidenced by his recent quotes) and he's maintained that he's happy in London and Chelsea.  Either way, these could be pivotal months in Hazard's Chelsea future.

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