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Eden Hazard reignites PSG rumors

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Eden Hazard-to-PSG is the rumor that will never die.  Even at the heat-death of the universe, when the Eden Hazard-to-Real Madrid angle finally meets its end, the PSG rumors will endure.  No amount of denials in the last couple years from Chelsea or Mourinho or Hazard himself have had any effect, nor are they likely to have any effect in the future.

"Everything is possible, yes. But I have a contract that runs for another four years (note: 2020). Even if things are complicated this year I am at Chelsea. I'm in a good group that can win trophies every season."

"...I could indeed [leave] this summer. But I do not think so. Anyway, every transfer window, it says: "Eden will leave." And every time I said that I stayed, I actually stayed. Conversely, I said in my last season at Lille I was going to leave and I [actually left]."

"No, I do not know [where I will be playing next season]. Because it is always uncertainty in football. If we stick to the contract, I'll still be at Chelsea next season."

So, all fairly standard so far in his interview with Le Parisien.  But here comes the usual PSG question.

"Difficult to say no to PSG, [like] all teams capable of winning the Champions League. Now, PSG is part of this category. And for me, winning the Champions League is the main objective. But for now, I do not dwell on it."

And the Real Madrid question.

"Of course Zidane, [...] he was my idol when he was a player ... and he [speaks highly of] me. Anyway, I want to work with the best coaches in the world. [But] I do not know if Zidane is already part of this category, [he only] leads Real since early January."

-Eden Hazard; source: Le Parisien via Google Translate

The Real Madrid possibility has loomed since just about Day 1, and Zidane's arrival certainly hasn't lessened that one bit.  Still, it's never been "difficult to say no to PSG" before!  Maybe this is just reverse psychology?  "For now!?"  We all know he craves the Champions League above all else — it is a huge part of the reason he came to Chelsea in the first place — but what the what, Eden?!

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