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Eden Hazard helps out a Chelsea fan with retrograde amnesia

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Your feel-good story of the weekend comes courtesy of the Mirror, who report that Chelsea star Eden Hazard took it upon himself to arrange for a season review DVD to be sent to a man who can't remember the past year of his life.

Vladimir Howard was carrying his groceries home last November 6 in Bermondsey, when he was assaulted and beaten unconscious.  He "can't remember a thing" about the attack itself nor the preceding year or so.  To make matters even worse, police are still looking for any suspects.

Howard is apparently a big Chelsea fan but the Blues' title winning season was one of the memories he's lost.  Hazard's hoping the DVD will help jog them a bit.

"This is really going to help. Watching on YouTube has been helping me remember but this is much, much better. It's is nice of Eden to think of me. From now in he is my top man."

"I love Chelsea and because the club is a big part of my life I'm sure this will trigger the memories."

-Vladimir Howard; source; Mirror

Well done, Eden Hazard and Chelsea Football Club! A tiny gesture, yet one that means so much.

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