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Chelsea target Antoine Griezmann 'at ease' about his future

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann must be fairly tired of having to answer questions about his future, but here he is again, from last night, at a press conference.

"I'm fine here, I'm at ease. I want to continue here and I think the club's intention is not to sell, so I'm not going."

-Antoine Griezmann; source: FourFourTwo

So that's pretty definitive, right?  Just like the multiple times before when Griezmann had talked about wanting to stay at Atlético Madrid, or when he signed his extension with an increased buyout that ties him to the club until 2020.  None of that will actually put out the ever-smoldering Chelsea rumors, especially since they can be easily spun by the rumor mill as Eden Hazard contingency plans or a Diego Costa swap or whatever other creative stories might come about still.

First step of course for any actual transfer would be to contact the club, which apparently has not happened at all.

"No one has spoken to us about a possible transfer."

-Enrique Cerezo; Atléti president; source: FourFourTwo

Considering that Chelsea seem intent on saving as many major decisions as realistically possible for the summer, or at least until the identity of the new manager is revealed, I don't think we (or Atléti) have to worry about any bids anytime soon.

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