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Chelsea FC manager rumors: Allegri's second denial, Ancelotti's recommendation, Roman's veto

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A few managerial rumblings for your midweek enjoyment.  First up, the second of what are sure to be many, many, many more denials from Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri about the Chelsea job.

The week started off with Allegri's supposed "mentor" Giovanni Galeone commenting on the Chelsea rumors.  While I don't quite understand why Allegri would need a mentor at this stage in his career, nor how Galeano having been Allegri's manager at Pescara grants him such clarity of vision into the thoughts and future actions of the Juve boss, but these are minor details when good headlines are to be had.  Allegri, for his part, couldn't possibly deny or confirm anything in a rather literal approach to the situation.

"There's nothing to it. I cannot either confirm or deny something that doesn't exist. I want this matter over and done with now. What's important for me right now is to get to the end of the season with Juventus and try and win some silverware."

-Massimiliano Allegri; source: Sky Italia via Evening Standard

Ask the same question enough times, and you're bound to get an answer you can work with.  He didn't say no!

While Allegri keeps having to comment on this subject thanks to his frequent media duties, Italy national team boss Antonio Conte can keep out of the limelight until internationals resume next month.  His future is much more in doubt than Allegri's, and if Neil Ashton of the Mail is to be believed, Conte actually was recommended to Chelsea by none other than Carlo Ancelotti during that "secret" meeting back in the fall.  Apparently, Uncle Carlo told Chelsea not only that he's got bigger fish to fry (i.e. Bayern Munich), but that we might do well to take a gander at Conte instead.  But did Conte come with a one or two thumbs eyebrows up recommendation?

Ashton, who's been kind of quiet in terms of Chelsea rumors lately (the juices dried up with Mourinho left the scene), also claims that Manuel Pellegrini has "no chance" of getting the Chelsea job.  For once, I really hope he's correct on this one.

And speaking of vetoes, the bulk of Ashton's report concerns itself with Roman Abramovich's supposed dislike of Diego Simeone's (style of) football.  Of course the whole 'Abramovich wants tiki-taka passy-passy attractive football' is a long-running narrative that's been undeterred by such facts as re-hiring Mourinho for a second time or giving the interim job to a certain Rafa Benitez at one point.  Not exactly the paragons of this supposed style we so covet.

But there ya have it.  Apparently Simeone's out, Allegri's denying everything, Sampaoli's not doing anything, so Conte it is.  Boom.

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