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WATCH: Italian reporter at Stamford Bridge accosted by man with giant inflatable banana

Transfer Deadline Days are complete madness. Well all know this. Perhaps the most insane and hilarious moments involve the television coverage. It used to be that Sky Sports News would send their reporters to the grounds of the top teams around the UK to cover at the top moves and get reaction from the supporters.

That all changed in 2014 after an on-air incident involving a Sky reporter and a supporter with an...umm...purple dildo.

Sky changed their policy and no longer let their reporters interact with the supporters. It's a lesson that one Italian television outlet hadn't learned. That is until today when a reporter outside of Chelsea's Stamford Bridge was met with an over-enthusiastic fan with a giant inflatable banana. In what was the most exciting and eventful thing to happen at the Bridge today, the reporter could not take the joke and/or invasion of his personal space and lost it on the supporter.

Good old, Transfer Deadline Day. One day all the TV people will realize that no matter how close you get to the stadium, news won't come right though the front gate.


UPDATE: It's fake. Still hilarious.

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