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WATCH: Conte post-match hugs; Courtois, Cahill giving their shirts to the traveling support

If you're on Twitter and you're not following @CFCvid, you should probably remedy that situation.

In the meantime, let's watch Chelsea's post-match celebrations after Saturday's win, as Conte makes his usual rounds hugging anything and everything in a blue shirt or a black Carabao puffy jacket, and the players walk over to the fans in the corner to thank them for their traveling support.

Note, off-camera, Thibaut Courtois giving away his gloves and shirt to the crowd, followed by Gary Cahill (as evidenced by his shirtless form towards the end).  Last time it was David Luiz who gave his shirt away — he was already down the tunnel and into the treatment room by this time (thanks, Aguero!).  Nice to see this recent trend continue.

On a related semi-interesting and rather amusing note, Guardiola shook hands with Conte then proceeded to make it a point to ignore all Chelsea players ... except Pedro!  Wonder how Cesc "Guardiola was always my biggest idol" Fàbregas feels about that?

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