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Behind the scenes from the Chelsea Christmas lunch, training for Stoke, and Chalobah pretends to be a cat

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Chelsea Unseen shenanigans.

Our favorite Chelsea TV feature of the week, Chelsea Unseen is out with a new episode, which must mean it's Friday. (Just checked, it is!)

This week's behind the scenes looks include candid shots of the Chelsea Christmas lunch, lots of running and kicking at training, a visit by the U8s, Eduardo and Costa bonding over some push-ups, and Nathaniel Chalobah pretending to be a cat.

Moments that made me smile included young Charly Musonda making sure to grab a spot by his friend Eden Hazard (quite the group at the end of that table with Moses, Musonda, Hazard, Michy, and Kanté), Ivanović fully embracing the bearded life, Old-man Cahill trying to be cool with the next generation, Costa's never-ending hijinks at training, Jamie Redknapp's younger son showing up as a Chelsea U8 player, Eduardo's mad celebration at Costa hilariously bad shot, and Chalobah auditioning for Super Troopers.

Just another happy week at Chelsea Football Club!