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Harry Redknapp thinks John Terry and Frank Lampard could help him avoid relegation at Swansea City

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This is one of those stories that’s full of coulds and mights and maybes and understoods, but it’s also fairly silly, so we might as well mention it briefly.

It’s also, in part, from the Telegraph’s Matt Law, who tends to be well sourced when it comes to Chelsea. Wait, isn’t this about Swansea City? Well, sort of.

With Bob Bradley lasting just eleven games, the hopeless Swans are looking for their third manager of the first half of the season. Swansea tried to think outside the box with the appointment of the first American head coach in the Premier League, but now most are expecting them to revert to type, so to speak.

Harry Redknapp isn’t considered a front-runner at the moment — one of Chris Coleman, Ryan Giggs, Roy Hodgson, and Gary Rowett is — but ‘Arry submitted his CV publicly via talkSport on Tuesday, buttering up the club and laying out his master plan, which involves no fewer than two Chelsea legends.

“I think if the opportunity and the challenge came up it would be one that would be interesting.”

“It's a good club Swansea. Where they've come from and what they've done. You go there and the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic for their games at home. I've not heard anything, I've had no approach from anybody but it's a good club.”

-Harry Redknapp; source: talkSport via Telegraph

“You've got the January transfer window coming up and you can pick up a couple of players and strengthen the squad a bit. You can beg Chelsea to let you have John Terry. And there's Frank Lampard too maybe. Who knows, maybe he might say he'll come and play until the end of the season.”

-Harry Redknapp; source: talkSport via Evening Standard

Lampard is a free agent and appears to be leaning towards continuing his playing career for a bit longer (even Conte hinted at this outcome recently after Frank visited the training ground) so it might not be too surprising to see him link up with his uncle for the first time since their days at West Ham.

Meanwhile, Terry has a contract through the end of the year, but is unlikely to play a major role going forward. While the Chelsea captain has categorically declared before that he’d never play for another Premier League team, according to the Telegraph, Chelsea “would be unlikely” to stand in his way if he wanted to make the switch.

Could Lampard and Terry and Redknapp keep Swansea up? Probably not. But it would be an interesting experiment.

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