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WATCH: Antonio Conte's 3-4-3 system at Chelsea explained

Nothing too new if you've been paying attention, but still a very nicely done visual explainer.

This lovingly illustrated video does a pretty decent job of explaining Conte's 3-4-3 system on a fairly high level. If you've been paying attention, and especially if you're been reading Martin's tactical breakdowns, this will be familiar to you. If you haven't been, then you should start now. Well, okay, watch this video first.

There are a couple errors in there — Gary Cahill and César Azpilicueta are swapped, for example, while David Luiz pushing up is the less often used build-up option (Cahill and Azpi splitting wide and working the ball up the flank or through the middle is the more common method of building) — but otherwise it's a well written script by Alex Stewart and an even better execution by Joe Devine. There's a nice emphasis on the attacking options available within the confines of the system as well the hilarious lamentation in hindsight that Chelsea's worst loss is proving to be the most positive turning point of the season.

You should watch it.

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