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WATCH: All 67 goals scored by Chelsea's loanees so far this season

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Goals on goals on goals

It's no secret by now that Chelsea are famed for their extensive list of players on loan with other clubs. With so many talented young players spread across Europe and South America, we're bound to see some highlights throughout the season.

There is no better resource for tracking the loanees (and the rest of the Chelsea youth) than @chelseayouth and he put together this great video of every goal scored by The Chelsea Loan Army so far this season. In total, 67 goals have been scored led by the prolific Tammy Abraham with 13 in 23 appearances for Bristol City.

Lewis Baker at Vitesse has also enjoyed a very nice first half of the season as well, pouring in eight goals in only 16 matches in the Eredivisie with 10 goals in all competitions.

Combined with Nathan's four goals and a lone tally from Matt Miazga, Chelsea loanees have accounted for 15 goals for Vitesse this season.

Judging the quality of goals will always be subjective. Personally, I really favor Alex Kiwomya's brilliant solo goal at 0:18 of the video. Which one is your favorite?