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Conte reveals 'the real secret' behind Chelsea's winning streak

Right concentration, right focus, right fight

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Chelsea have set a new club record for most consecutive wins in a single Premier League season with Saturday's 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace.  It was Chelsea's 11th league win in a row, having conceded fewer goals total than we've been averaging per game during the streak.

For head coach Antonio Conte personally, it was his 14th win in his first 17 games in the league, which is the best mark for any new manager ever.

But we're not even halfway through the season, so the hard work must continue.

"Before the season I said one thing: the manager must be a tailor. They must try to find the right fit for your team. It wasn't easy to arrive and understand the characteristics of my players very soon. I needed a bit of time."

"The most important thing is the mentality, a strong mentality. At work during the week - tactical work, physical work, technical work, analysis work, good food - we touched different aspects to try to improve. You can bring your idea of football but if you haven't the players who follow this idea it's very difficult for a manager."

The man who got back into club management because he missed the day-to-day work and camaraderie has forged tremendous team spirit and even greater resilience and determination in just a few short months in the SW6.  And that's the real secret to our success, all the parts not only working well but working together in great harmony.

"Today, if you arrive here without the right concentration, the right focus, the will to fight and go into battle with the opponent, you lose this game. Instead, we have great quality, and the players are putting this quality in the team. This is the real secret for Chelsea now."

"We are working a lot to reach this level in the table. To win 11 games in a row in this league is not simple, now and in the future. I hope to continue this way but I know every game is tough. The next game against Bournemouth will be very tough, and then Stoke City."

Nothing's granted, nothing's guaranteed at this point.  And even though the winning streak will reach three months by the time Chelsea take to the pitch after Christmas, there is always room for improvement.  Always.

"I like to see the present but I look more to see the future, and I want the future to be special for us. The only way for this is to work."

‘We have room to improve. We are working on our principles. This season I tried to play with different formations. Now we found a good balance offensively and defensively. I think now is not a good idea to change it!"

-Antonio Conte; source: Chelsea FC

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