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Palpable Anniversary

One year ago today...

2015. XII. 17.

Chelsea sit one point above the relegation zone. Jose Mourinho has been sacked (again). Media, helicopters, lookie-loos gather at Cobham, hoping to catch a glimpse of the aftermath. There’s palpable discord between players, the former coaching staff, the fans, anything and everything around the club. The glories of the previous season long forgotten, mired in controversy, bad vibes, worse play, and very little hope, Chelsea look on the verge of self-destruction. Pulling the plug was the final, desperate action to halt the death-spiral. We had hoped to build a dynasty with Mourinho, he had hoped to be here for a decade or more. All that, gone.

2016. XII. 17.

Chelsea sit six points above second place. Antonio Conte has Premier League teams scrambling for answers. Three-man defenses are all the rage; media fawn over Chelsea players, the boss, our transfers. There’s palpable brotherhood between players, staff, fans, anything and everything around the club. The failures of the previous season are not forgotten, but used as motivation. Ten-match winning streak, Chelsea’s biggest stars firing on all cylinders, anyone and everyone committed to the cause. Hard work. Fight. Always improve.

Things can change at a moment’s notice in football. Let’s enjoy this.

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