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Chelsea's Christmas video is the silliest thing you'll see all day

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go, including the Premier League where Chelsea are top and life is grand. What better presents could we want this year than a ten-match winning streak, a six-point lead, a likable and winning squad, and happiness and joyfulness all around?

This video is a bit of a crack-up, starting out all serious with Antonio Conte hyping up the troops like we were in a Beats by Dre commercial (everything sounds a bit more serious when Conte's speaking in Italian), but then turning silly and festive and full of laughter and other assorted nonsense.

So now the real question is, where can we buy the Chelsea Top Trumps card game and the Chelsea squad Guess Who? game? You can't tease things like this, Chelsea, and then not give the opportunity to satisfy our commercialized hearts!

LOL, how about you check the Megastore, David. Dummy.

Happy Festivus!

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